How to Prepare Astringents at Home


For people suffering from acne prone, oily skin astringent comes as an excellent remedy. It has the potential to remove the extra sebum as well as is able to soak in the pores. Always remember to apply astringents after you wash your face. Astringents have also been found to be beneficial for removing dead skin cells. You will easily get various astringents in the market, but most of them contain harmful chemicals, so homemade options are always an outstanding idea.
Lemon orange astringent:
Ethanol alcohol- ¾ cup
Orange- ½ (sliced thinly)
Lemon- ½ (sliced finely)
In your blender pour the alcohol along with orange & lemon. Allow it to blend until the ingredients crushed completely. Use the cheese cloth or a strainer to stain the mixture & store it into a jar. You can use it till 6 months in your refrigerator.
Cucumber astringent:
Rose water- 3 tbsp
Glycerine- 1 tbsp
Skin removed & crushed cucumber- 1
Eau-de-cologne- 2 tbsp
How to prepare:
Firstly crush the cucumber & then pour the glycerine along with rose water & eau-de-cologne. Mix all the ingredients well & then filter it before you start using it. Store it in your refrigerator.
Chamomile astringent:
Water- 4 cups
Chamomile flower (dried) – 2 tbsp (crushed)
Fresh/dried mint- 2 tbsp (diced)
Take a small sized saucepan & add all the ingredients. Let it boil for almost 10-12 minutes. Take it off from the oven & stand it for 5 minutes more. Filter the mixture & store in a clean jar. You can use the cotton balls to apply it. Remember to place it in the refrigerator & you can use it up to 2 weeks.
Glycerine & rose water astringent:
Vodka- 1 ounce
Olive oil- ½ pint
Glycerine- A few drops
Rose water- 1 ounce
How to prepare:
Take a medium sized bowl & add all the ingredients. Mix properly & use the clean cotton balls to smear it.

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