20 interesting facts about health

  1. Smoking people suffer from stress more than those who never smoked and gave up this bad habit.
  2. People who spend a lot of time working on the computer or watching TV often suffer from permanent fatigue syndrome.
  3. Urination in a sitting position promotes the complete release of the bladder, reduces the likelihood of prostatitis and allows you to live a full sexual life for a long time.
  4. Studies have shown that it is very useful to cuddle before bed. This helps the body relax, and also inhibits the thought process, making it easier to fall asleep.
  5. Studies have shown that chocolate can enhance your ability to math.
  6. Loneliness weakens the immune system. Friends and other close people can increase your immunity by 60 percent just being in your life.
  7. If you sprinkle a wound or a cut with sugar, you can significantly reduce the pain and speed up the healing process
  8. Missing someone is bad for the health – it can cause insomnia. The feeling of dissatisfaction with staying away from a close person makes you wake up at night.
  9. Cherry can cause cancer cells to self-destruct.
  10. Dietary soda destroys teeth as much as meth or cocaine.
  11. People who rarely complain, suffer more from stress, anxiety and depression.
  12. There is a device capable of replacing the heart in the body; a side effect is the absence of a pulse.
  13. Stress is often considered a silent killer – it leads to heart disease, increased blood pressure, chest pain and early death.
  14. If you have a cat in your house, then the risk of any heart disease is reduced by forty percent, and sudden strokes – by thirty.
  15. Season of killers – this is the term of British doctors, they use it in August, when the hospitals are full of people just graduated from the medical institute.
  16. If you sleep less than four hours or more than ten, you are at risk and you can die early.
  17. With the breakdown of relationships is not easy to cope, because at this time the body and the brain experience a kind of dependence. It is like dependence on drugs. We become dependent on love.
  18. A pleasant morning kiss can help to avoid diseases caused by stress. Kiss in the morning fills us with harmony and helps to fight external troubles.
  19. Excessive love for cats can cause a mental illness leading to suicide.
  20. Banana milkshake is an excellent remedy for a hangover.
John stark, doctor, philanthropist, fitness freak takes this platform to share his knowledge to everyone. This blogs enlightens you about fitness and its importance on life.